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  • Why E-File ?

    Know Why you should Efile your income tax return ?

  • How to E-File ?

    Learn How you can E-File your income tax return online ?

  • How to save taxes ?

    Learn How you can save Income tax ?

Why  should  I       E-File my Income Tax Return ?
How  can  I           E-File my Income Tax Return?
How  can  I       Save my      Income  Tax ?

E-Filing Income Tax Return ensures accuracy in tax calculations as compared to manual filing.

If you E-File you get tax refunds quickly.

While E-Filing you get to know how taxes are calculated on your income.

When you E-File the records get saved forever. Thus you can access them anytime.

It is mandatory to E-File if income is above Rs. 5.00 Lakhs.

How to e-File Income Tax Return ?

Learn how to efile Income Tax Return Online in a step-by-step guide. E-Filing of Income Tax Return for individuals is simplified into a six-step process at Mytaxcafe.

How to e-File With Multiple Form-16 ?

E-File Income Tax Return with multiple Form-16s in a simple way with our step-by-step guide. In case you have two or more Form 16s then simply enter each Form 16 detail to e-file income tax return with income tax department

How to e-File without Form-16 ?

Learn how to efile Income Tax Return Online without Form-16 in a step-by-step guide. Enter your Salary, TDS, other Income and Investment details to prepare your ITR and e-file it with Income Tax Department to get your ITR-V.

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