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Save Taxes by restructuring your Salary

With the increase in unemployment you can breathe a sigh of relief if you have to pay taxes because it means, you are employed. But we know how pinching it is when your hard earned money is taken away in the name of taxes.

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Lost your PAN card! Don’t know what to do ?

Pan card has become a lifeline these days. Thus misplacing PAN card creates panic amongst most of us. But the reality is you need not worry if you have lost your PAN card. All you need to do is apply for a duplicate PAN card.

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Not yet got your Income Tax Refund! What to do ?

When you pay Income Tax more than what you should pay, you will get a refund of the excess amount paid to the government; this is called Income Tax Refund. Normally, one may receive the refund within 4-5 months from the date of filing of return.

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Is your Income less than Rs. 5,00,000? Confused whether to file return or not?

ITR filing may be fun for some, a tedious work for some and a nightmare for others. But given a chance to avoid the process of filing a return we would love to! So here is good news for salaried individuals earning income less than Rs. 5 lakh.

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Invest in a tax effective manner

After a whole year’s work, sweat, events, parties, travelling, there are some peanuts left unspent. This unspent amount is the real earning and should be savored. In fact to savor it more why not add some cherries to it! The more the cherries the better the savings look.

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Tax Benefit of extra Rs. 1,00,000 on housing loan Interest

Buying a house of our own is a dream. We happily pay rent for our house because there is a hope in our heart that one day we will own a house. And the day finally comes when you buy your own house.

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Rajiv Gandhi Equity Scheme: A newer mode to save tax

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Scheme: Looking for investments in shares? Why not save taxes while investing. A newer mode to save tax: As the Indian economy slides into recession, silver and gold are losing, property rates are also going down, and the investor lies abandoned with all the money lying idle in his locker!

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Your Mom and Dad can cut Tax too

Buy health Insurance policy for your parents and save taxes: We fulfill the responsibility of keeping our kids and wife healthy by buying them a health insurance policy! But why are parents being left out from that protective umbrella?

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Plan it right-Enjoy a stress free Tax season

So, the New Year has well set in with greater hopes and optimism. We all have started on with a set of new thoughts and resolutions to keep our coming year on track and better than the last one.

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An Attractive Investment Option-Tax Free Bonds

The beginning of 2014 will usher with the offers of Tax Free Bonds from PSU’s. Tax free bonds have emerged as a popular investment option due to the lucrative taxation benefits they offer.

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