How to e-verify Income Tax Return by providing Bank details

CBDT through its notification has introduced a new mode of generating Electronic Verification Code (EVC) by giving bank details in Income Tax profile. The list of banks participating in this facility will be provided in

Step 1: First, Log on to your Income tax profile.

Step 2: Under Profile Settings a facility to Pre validate Bank Account details shall be available.

Step 3: Fill the required details viz. Bank Account Number, IFSC, Email ID and Mobile Number as given in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Prevalidate bank details

Step 4: The Income Tax Site will then validate the bank details provided along with the PAN and Name against the details registered with the respective bank.

Step 5: When the pre validation is completed, you can opt for Generate EVC using Bank Account Details.

Step 6: Generated EVC will be sent to your Email and/or Mobile Number verified from bank.

Step 7: After you receive the code, Click on ‘e-Verify’ link to e-Verify the return.

Step 8: Now, as you already have EVC, click on “Option-1” and enter the EVC that you received.

Step 9: You will see the success message. Now, download the acknowledgement.

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