Refund Policy

Any product/service once purchased cannot be cancelled since the nature of Products/Services is online, they are instantly delivered and/or once the process of delivery gets initiated and cannot be stopped without any misuse/loss to Mytaxcafe.

However, Mytaxcafe will refund any payment made to You in the following circumstances:

  • If there has been a duplicate payment in error.
  • If the income tax computed on Mytaxcafe is inaccurate, provided You send the complete documentation of the data provided in connection with the other tax preparation method which shows the inaccuracy of tax computation made by Mytaxcafe.

Any request for refund of payment made by You to Mytaxcafe should be within 5 business days of date of payment. Your request for a refund terminates Your rights to use the MyTaxCafe services and any related warranties or guarantees and further use of the Product/Service will be considered as misuse and can result into cancellation of the refund. You understand and agree that the sole and exclusive remedy available to You shall be to claim from Mytaxcafe refund of the fees paid by You for any event, including but not limited to computation error, printing error, filing error, filing delay, data leakage, security breach, data loss, or non-availability of product/service.

Notwithstanding anything contained above, a Cancellation/Refund request may be granted only in cases where the Products/Services have not complied with and/or fall short in the fulfillment of its feature as expressed in the Product/Service description and/or there is delay in serviceability of the same and the usability is lost due to essence of timing and/or unavoidable circumstances beyond the reach or fault of the customer. The grant of such request will be at the sole discretion of the Mytaxcafe team and You consent to the terms while making Your application for refund. The refund so granted will be subject to verification of payment realized and after reduction of the taxes and/or finance charges as applicable (if any) for such transaction.



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