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Reset password in Income Tax Site

In case you forget Income Tax efiling password, you must know how to reset it. Here is a guide with three ways to reset Income Tax password.

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What is Form 16?

Income Tax Form 16 is similarto a salary certificate issued by an Employer to his/her Employee. This certificate contains the details of the salary paid by an Employer to their Employees in a particular financial year.

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Section 80CCD of Income Tax Act

According to Section 80CCD of Income Tax Act, any contributions to the pension schemes specified by central government are eligible for tax savings under section 80CCD. Up till now only National Pension Scheme has so far been notified by the Central Government for the eligibility of tax benefits u/s 80CCD.

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Income Tax Exemption for Disabled Persons under Section 80U

The deduction under section 80U of Income Tax Act, 1961 is available to a taxpayer, being an Individual, if he is suffering from a disability. This deduction can be claimed over and above all other deductions.

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Leave Travel Allowance Tax Exemption

Leave Travel allowance commonly known as LTA, is an allowance you get from your employer when you are on leave from work to anywhere in India. It covers the cost of travelling expenses incurred during the trip and is one of the best ways to save taxes by the salaried employees.

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New Income Tax Return Form ITR 2A

Income Tax Department has recently notified number of changes in Income Tax Return filing. One of the major change is the introduction of new income tax return form for assessment year 2015-16 - ITR 2A which basically is a simplified version of ITR 2.

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ITR Form 4S - Sugam

ITR-4S or SUGAM is an Income Tax Return form for those taxpayers being a resident individual or a HUF who opt for presumptive taxation scheme under section 44AD and section 44AE of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Income Exempt from Tax

Worried about huge tax liabilities? Here are some exempt incomes which may help you saving your taxes!

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Self Assessment Tax under section 140A

You may not be able to file your income tax return on time if you have not paid your Self Assessment Tax! Know what is self assessment tax.

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How to e-verify Income Tax Return?

Learn how to everify Income Tax Return Online using EVC, Net Banking, ATM Card, or through Adhar OTP etc.

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